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Early in 2016 a small animation team came together to create a new 10 part animated series for BBC Three.  In a happy sequence of events, we’ve decided to carry on making things together. And so, Fabulous Frank was born.  


We’ve developed a distinctive style combining photography, handmade sets and computer animation. We are able to make things both with our hands and with all the benefits of a digital workflow. Although our style has found a love-match in comedy, there is also so much potential for other factual projects and in developing characters and new locations.  We love to find creative ways to tell stories so if you have a specific project in mind or would just like to discuss an idea, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. 


Chief tea-maker and director, Cristian brings his eye for lighting and composition to the team. His years spent as an editorial photographer also ensure a story well told.

Queen of the long......pause, Jess is our highly talented lead animator who can make you laugh or cry with the considered tweak of an eyebrow. 


Originally from somewhere else, Lou is our ace scissor-wizard and can magic up anything from a cityscape to a four poster bed faster than you can say double-sided sticky tape. 


Fabulous Frank Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No: 10310588 Registered Office: 5 Luke Street London EC2A 4PX

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